The Dashboard tab

An overview of employee Pivot usage over a specified period

the dashboard

The Dashboard tab is the default view upon logging in to the Admin Control Panel. It provides an overview of test performance and participation for a given period of time. You can specify the range of time by clicking the icon that looks like a pencil and square.

The employees and the tests that occurred within the specified time are listed, and the list can be sorted by clicking on any of the column titles.

The pie chart on the right is the Risk Profile, a visual representation of the percentage of different test results among employees within the specified time period. This provides an understanding of the degree of impairment-related risk among a workforce at a quick glance.

The quick glance Risk Profile assigns employees to one of three categories, based upon their recent test performances: OK, if test results are above their baselines; Baseline, if test results are at or near their baselines; or Outside Normal Range, if test results demonstrated atypical performance.