Creating a Journey Management Activity using a Travel Itinerary

Travel itineraries can be automatically uploaded directly into SafetyIQ. It will automatically select ALL segments on the travel itinerary and create the Activity in SafetyIQ. Simply forward the email with the attached travel itinerary to

There are two ways in which an itinerary can be uploaded into SafetyIQ:

1. The User can upload the itinerary themselves or
2. This can be done on behalf of the User

1. User to upload

Simply attach the pdf itinerary to a new blank email (ensure there is only one itinerary per email), leave the subject line blank and send to An email notification is sent if the Activity has been successfully created or rejected. If the itinerary fails to upload, the Activity will then need to be created manually.

Please forward all failed itinerary uploads to .

2. Upload on Users behalf

If you are wanting to upload the Itinerary on behalf of the user, please follow this guide here: Creating a User’s Journey Management Activity with a Travel Itinerary

  • Only one itinerary can be uploaded per User per email.
  • If there is accommodation included in the email the User MUST go into SafetyIQ and edit the Check-In time for the accommodation.
  • If the Activity failed to upload please ensure the User has no other active Activities in SafetyIQ and that they are assigned to a Default Team.