Creating a New User

Create a New User Profile

Click on ‘Manager’ found in the left-hand side menu, then click on ‘Users’. In the top right-hand corner of this tab press ‘New User’.

Enter employee details, please ensure that you have set the User a Default Team when assigning the User a Team/s.

Select the User Role that is relevant to the Users access permission level.


  • ‘Administrator’ – Has all access privileges to JESI.
  • ‘Manager’ – Is a Manager within your organisation who has all privileges except creating Teams.
  • ‘Monitor’ – Is a trusted staff member who is not a Manager, yet has permission to create an Activity on someone else’s behalf
  • ‘Team Member’ – An employee who uses JESI to log an Activity (restricted access)

An example of roles is shown below

From this page, you can send the activation SMS if you would like to have the User activate their profile.

Press SAVE.