Creating a User’s Activity with a Travel Itinerary

To upload an Activity from a travel itinerary on behalf of a User, follow these steps:

1. Attach the itinerary to a new email. Make sure there is only one itinerary per email and leave the subject line blank.

2. Send the email to the User and Cc You will receive an email notification confirming if the Activity has been created or rejected.

Here is an example to illustrate the process: Tommie is uploading the travel itinerary for John Smith.

upload travel itinerary via email


- Please note that only one itinerary can be uploaded per User per email.

- If the Activity fails to upload, please ensure that the User doesn't have any other active Activities in JESI and that they are assigned to a Default team.

- It is important to upload the itinerary with a future date. Retrospective additions to JESI are not allowed.