Creating an Activity for a User with Route Planner

Creating an Activity for a User

Managed activities are beneficial when you need to create an activity for a user who is unable to do so themselves due to certain circumstances.

To create a New Managed Activity, follow the instructions below. Please note, you will need the Monitor permission level or above to create a managed activity for the user. 


  1. Navigate to the left-hand side menu and click on 'New Managed Activity'.
  2. In the User's Name field, start typing the first few letters and select the user from the dropdown list of available names.
  3. Verify that the 'Team' field contains the correct information.
  4. Input the Starting and Destination location for the activity.
  5. Select a route by clicking on one of the available options. This will automatically remove other routes, leaving only the chosen route with 200km distance markers along the way.
  6. If there are any checkpoints along the route, you have the option to add them manually or simply zoom in on the map. Once you have zoomed in, click on the specific location where you'd like to insert a checkpoint, and it will be added to the route.
  7. If needed, adjust the arrival time and date.

Save your activity by clicking on the 'Save Activity' button located at the top right corner of the activity builder.

**NOTE: The above steps can be completed on both laptops and mobile devices.