Deleting Shifts in Pivot

Deleting Simple and Advanced Shifts in Pivot

To delete shifts that are no longer in use or redundant, you will need to log in with your Administrator credentials at: 

  1. Access the Shift Management Tab in Pivot, then proceed to choose the Simple Shifts section.
  2. Locate the shift that you are wanting to delete. Ensure that there are no employees still assigned to the shift. If there are still assigned employees, transition them to a new shift otherwise they will be unmonitored and not reminded take tests when required. 

For example, we are wanting to delete the Crane Ops team. Since there are no employees currently assigned to the Crane Ops Shift, we can safely delete it without any consequences.

To delete advanced shifts, you should go to the 'Step 3 - Advanced Shifts' section in Pivot to view and manage them accordingly.