Amending a Journey Management Activity

Modifying a Journey

Journey Activities can be easily adjusted and customized to include updating their location, time, or date to make them more flexible and adaptable.

Additional Check-Ins can be included in the Journey as needed. These Check-Ins can be added at any time after the Journey has started. It is important to note that only future dated Check-Ins can be edited or added, not those that have already passed.

If you need to remove a journey, make sure to do so before it starts to avoid it being logged. On the other hand, if you need to cancel a journey after it has begun, the action will be recorded in the Users' History and the Travel Activity Report for auditing purposes.

To modify a Journey Management Activity, please follow the guide below.

1. Navigate to the Dashboard tab within SafetyIQ to locate the specific journey you wish to update or modify.

2. Press on the Details button to view the details of the journey.

3. Press on the Details button will take you to the Journey Overview. From there, you can make updates to the Journey by simply tapping the Edit button.

4. Once you have made the necessary updates, remember to press the save button to confirm the changes.