How to Search for User Profiles & Profile Status

Click on ‘Users’ found in the left hand side menu.

Start typing the name of the User in the Search Bar.

When the User has been located, click on their name and their User profile will open.

Alternatively, you can scroll down the page.

If a User can not be located by their first or last name, an email or mobile can be used in the search bar. Ensure you have enabled Team filter when searching.

The profile icon of the User will identify, by colour code, whether the User profile is Active, Registered or Deactivated.

Green status indicates profile is ACTIVE. To have a profile in an Active state requires the SMS to be sent and the User reply with their surname.

Orange status indicates profile is REGISTERED. To have a profile in a Registered state requires the SMS to be sent to the User however they are yet to reply with their surname.

Grey status indicates profile is DEACTIVATED. A profile can showing as Deactivated for two reasons:
1. The profile is newly created and the User is yet to be sent the activation SMS or
2. The profile was Registered or Active and has been Deactivated manually by a User with the correct permission level.

Black status indicates profile is PRE-REGISTERED. To have a profile in a Pre-Registered state requires the profile to have been added to JESI however no activation SMS nor email has been sent.