Logging into JESI

You can log into JESI from any device that supports an internet connection and has access to google chrome. Such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets and more!.

To log into JESI, go to the JESI website http://app.jesi.io and use your login credentials to log in.

Firstly, enter your email address then press continue. Then enter your password.

Enter your password then press continue.

Note: Save the JESI web link as a favourite or bookmark using smartphone and/or computer.


Logging into JESI with Single Sign-On

To log in to JESI via Single Sign-On, using your identity provider login details, please see the below instructions.

Please note this will be only for companies who have this feature enabled and configured.
Please email support@jesi.io if you would like to start discussing enabling SSO for your JESI account.

Click the login with Single Sign-On button at the bottom of the login page. 

Enter your email address and click continue.

Enter your password and click continue.

You are now logged in.