HR Guide for Considerations

Considerations for HR managers regarding the integration of Pivot testing within their company's workforce management practices. Ideas and perspectives for contemplation, particularly in addressing issues related to employee alertness testing, from the hiring phase through to termination. The intent is to support HR professionals in considering how to incorporate Pivot testing effectively in alignment with company operations.


Recognizing the diverse nature of organizations and their specific requirements, the considerations below are offered with the understanding that employee testing is legally permissible within the relevant jurisdictions and that there are no explicit laws regarding post-hire testing by employers. HR managers are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the legal context in their area before introducing any form of employee testing program.


For consideration:

  • Offer Letters
  • Job Descriptions
  • Policy for Employee Pivot Testing
  • Employee Acknowledgment and Consent
  • Enforcing Pivot Policy
  • Confidentiality Agreement for Pivot Testing Results