Completing a test on a Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop Computer

    1. Open a web browser (e.g. Safari) and navigate to https://pivot.alert.alertmeter/Test/ and login with your company’s company ID, your user ID, and your password provided by your company. Keep in mind that login information is case-sensitive. Keep your login information where you can find it in case you are inadvertently logged out. Tablets must be oriented in landscape (horizontal) position to use Pivot.
    2. pivot2Upon starting the test, you will be presented with a checkerboard of symbols. Your task is to determine if all the symbols are the same or if one of the shapes is different from the rest (even if shapes are rotated or upside down). If one of the symbols is different, tap (or click) on it, and the next screen will appear with a new set of If all of the symbols are identical, tap (or click) the green button that says “They’re all the same,” and the next screen will appear with a new set of symbols.
    3. Once started, the Pivot test takes 60 to 90 seconds to complete. Both speed and accuracy are being measured, so don’t take too long on any one If you make too many mistakes, the test may require you to start over. But don’t worry if you struggle with the test at first! The more you take the test, the more you’ll get used to it—and the smarter Pivot will get.pivot
    4. At the end of the test, you will see your score record. A dash will appear in place of your score until you achieve a baseline, or your individual average performance, which typically takes 10 completed tests.
    5. Once Pivot has established your baseline, there may be occasions where you score too low, or even too high, and the system may prompt you to take the test a second time. If you score abnormally on the second test, Pivot will notify the designated person at your company, suggesting that he or she have a conversation with you to ensure that you are okay to work.