The Employees Tab

Manage your roster of Staff, Supervisors and Administrators.

This tab provides you an overview of your personnel roster, allows you to search for employees according to certain rules, and allows you to assign Roles, Supervisors, or Shifts to multiple employees at once. You can also mark certain employees Absent for a shift, which deactivates their daily testing requirements and supervisor notifications for the duration of a shift. From this tab, you can also add and remove employees from your organization’s Pivot system.


You can also search for employees according to particular rules, so you can easily find out which employees tested OK, outside normal range (impaired), have not yet established baselines, or are marked absent. Note that absent employees will not appear in search results for a particular day if the search is perfomed after the day is over.

Clicking on an employee’s name will show the Employee Detail screen. Here you can view and update individual employee information, roles, shifts, logins, and test configuration (web browser or mobile app versions), plus see the results of the employee’s most recent Pivot test results and associated line graph showing test scores against baseline.

Clicking the “Alert Settings” tab in this screen allows you to specify notification settings for individual employees. If you make any changes to Employee Details, remember to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

Employees can be assigned one of three User Types:

  • Admin — Personnel who have access to this Admin Control Panel, can view test results and baselines, and can make changes to Pivot settings and employee information.
  • Supervisor — Personnel who will receive notifications from Pivot, such as when employees assigned to them score outside their baselines.
  • Staff — Personnel who only take the Pivot test.

Employees can also be assigned a Job Role of Low, Medium, or High, which you can use to indicate the degree of their safety risk or operational necessity.