What A Low Score Means

Pivot is sensitive to a number of issues that might cause a person’s alertness to be diminished. Examples include:

  • Exhaustion from staying up all night with a sick child
  • Coming down with the flu
  • Medication or another substance that is impeding concentration or causing drowsiness
  • Distraction from a relationship crisis or from receiving bad news

Because the detection is general, no immediate conclusions should be made on why an employee has produced a low score or on how to proceed. A low score does not automatically imply that punitive action should be taken.


Knowing the general cause for a lack of alertness can help determine the next steps, if any. Consistent with general HR policy, there may be matters of confidentiality and personal information that will prevent the employee from sharing factors with the supervisor that may affect alertness. The goal of a discussion with the employee is to learn more about what can be done to keep the employee and the work environment safe. The following process is suggested if it is in compliance with your company’s policies.