Activate JESI Profile using WhatsApp

To start using WhatsApp on a Existing JESI user profile, please follow the guide below:


  • JESI Client Company Account will need to have the this feature activated
    -  Complete a Contact us form here to have this feature enabled: Contact us 


  1. Start a chat with JESI WhatsApp here:
  2. Send your surname to the JESI WhatsApp chat
  3. A 4 digit security code will be provided after sending your surname

4.   Either click the link in the WhatsApp message or navigate in a web browser to the login page: Login page  

5.   In the login credentials, enter your email address and click continue

At this stage you will be creating a new password, please use the security code from the WhatsApp message. 

  • Enter the security code from the WhatsApp message
  • Create a new password from the 'Set a Password' box. 

After you have provided the security code and created a new password, click continue to login. 

If you have any questions, complete a Contact us form here: Contact us