Amending an Activity

An Activity can be edited to change the location, time or date.

Additional Check-Ins can also be added to the Activity if required. Additional Check-Ins can be added anytime after an Activity has commenced. Check-Ins can only be edited or added that are future dated and not retrospective.

Deleting an Activity can only be completed prior to the Activity becoming Active (commencing) and won’t be recorded. Cancelling an Activity can occur after the Activity has become active, however it is still recorded in a Users’ history and the Travel Activity Report, for audit purposes.

1. Go to the My Activities page in JESI and find the activity you want to amend.

Tap the EDIT button to edit the activity.

In this section, you have the option to include an extra Check-In, make changes to the time or date of any checkpoints, and update the devices and destinations assigned to the activity. Refer below to learn about the fields that can be modified.

  1. Activity Start and Time Location
  2. Travel Method
  3. Additional Details (optional)
  4. Secondary Checkpoint
  5. If applicable, add any additional checkpoints or stops.
  6. Check that your ‘Team’ is accurate – if the Team is not displayed, the Team may not be Active – an error will appear when attempting to save the Activity if this is the case.
  7. Devices and Passengers can be included or removed.
  8. After reviewing the activity, save by clicking the 'Save' button if no further changes are needed.