Creating an Activity with Handheld GPS Devices

A New Journey can be created from the My Activities page in JESI. To create a new Journey, navigate to the My Activities page then follow the instructions below. With the Handheld GPS Devices integration enabled, you can use devices such as Garmin or Spot to interact with JESI. 

Interactions you can do with JESI with Handheld devices.

  • Check into an Active Journey* 
  • Receive Check-In Reminders*
  • Raise an SOS*

*Note that these features are all dependent on the device you have. Certain devices cannot do certain features whilst others can. features may also be limited depending on your specific device. 

Creating a new Journey Activity (With a Handheld GPS Device)

1. Click on ‘New Activity’ then ‘Journey.’

2. Check that your ‘Team’ is accurate – if the Team is not displayed the Team may not be Active – an error will appear when attempting to save the Activity if this is the case.

Enter the Start Location, date and time of departure. If you have any Handheld GPS devices, you can select your device here as well.

3. Enter any locations or stops that apply to your activity and the final destination, including the location, date and anticipated arrival time for added checkpoints.

4. Press SAVE.

5. Manually enable tracking on the Device. 


  • Devices cannot be assigned to multiple Users at once.
  • Two devices cannot be selected at the same time. 
  • Tracking must be enabled on the device.