Reporting an Incident

How to Report an Incident on an Activity

When on an active Activity a User has the option to report an Incident if an incident has occurred. 

This can be accessed by logging into JESI Company account either through a mobile device or desktop. An Incident can be reported through the My Activity page or by clicking into the Activity and selecting INCIDENT next to the Check-In point. Choose one option, not both, to report the Incident.

My Activity Page Incident Reporting

You have two choices available:

  • Report and Continue Activity
  • Report and End Activity.

Choose the appropriate method if the activity is safe to continue, or if the activity needs to end. Include the incident details in the notes section when choosing an option. This information will be promptly sent to the appropriate Escalation Contact via SMS and email, informing them of the incident and its status (Report and Continue or Report and End Activity).

When choosing one of the options, it is necessary to provide details in the notes section explaining the reason for your selection.

Notifications will be sent to the relevant Escalation Contacts within the Team involved in the Activity. Incident details will be kept inside of the Activity's audit log


Internet connectivity is required in order to report an incident.