Tips & Tricks

To our JESI Administrators! User activation is a common task, and ensuring a smooth process is paramount. One frequent hiccup we’ve noticed is the overlooking of setting a default team in the user's profile. Here's a guide to help you avoid and troubleshoot this.

Pre-activation Checklist:

  • Check User Information: Before activating any user, always ensure that all their profile details are complete and accurate including correct email address and mobile phone number. An incorrect profile may lead to unforeseen activation errors.

Setting a Default Team:

  • Significance: Assigning a user to a default team often determines their primary group where they work.
  • Navigation: In the user's profile, there is an option to select a team. Type in the first few letters of the team name and select. To the right of the team name there is an option to SET AS DEFAULT, please select.

While in the User profile and if the User is having trouble activating, confirm email address and mobile phone number.

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